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PT Jakarta Propertindo (Perseroda)




Client Background

PT Jakarta Propertindo (Perseroda) is a Jakarta-based company that is engaged in property, infrastructure, and utilities. PT Jakarta Propertindo was still using the manual systems in some of their business process such as procurement, accounting records, and process management.

Client Problems

Before the existence of this project, PT Jakarta Propertindo was still using the old system where the old system had several obstacles: From the procurement side, they used the manual ways without using invoices, proposals, and purchase orders In terms of accounting records, CAPEX and OPEX were still mixed and could not be identified Process management was still manual so there was no integration between each process

Client Expectations and Needs

PT Jakarta Propertindo hoped that Xapiens can satisfy the company's needs by providing technology solutions that could help companies in terms of procurement, accounting records, and process management so that they could change into digital-based and technology-integrated process.

Our Solutions and Implementation

Xapiens helped its clients by offering the use of MS Dynamics 365 where here Xapiens made blueprints that implement 3 new modules in the ERP system. MS Dynamics 365 here is not only able to solve the needs of PT Jakarta Propertindo but also provided flexibility, centralization, integration, and the system becomes more convenient for employees to use. Our team that is involved: Project Manager Professional Business Analyst Development Team The implementation process of MS Dynamics 365 goes through several stages: Design the solutions to find out what concepts based on the client’s needs. System development was carried out in collaboration between the team from Xapiens and the client. The process of implementing MS Dynamics that was created by Xapiens for procurement, accounting, and project management. Supervision in case of problems, complaints, or input related to the system


The results obtained from PT Jakarta Propertindo with the application of MS Dynamics 365 are: From the procurement side, the process is centralized, there is a reduction in the use of Internal Memos in the company, a more flexible Workflow Approval, and full integration with E-Procurement. In terms of accounting, Financial Dimensions are becoming tidier, Budgets that have been allocated well so that there is a clear difference between Budgets In terms of Project Management, a more detailed project structure, Can analyze the use of Time and Cost on the WBS system, Elimination to WIP, and the use of a more transparent project budget.

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