SME Solutions: The Catalyst of Nation’s Economic Growth

Get the benefits of digital transformation and grow your business to the next level

Many of SMEs are lacking in
technology, management, and markets.

In 2020, 94% of SMEs in Indonesia have not used technology to run their businesses. Meanwhile, 90% of SMEs in Indonesia have not used the internet in their marketing or only 16% are connected to the digital ecosystem. Whereas Indonesian SMEs will reap huge benefits if they are fully integrated with digital technology.​

Digital transformation movement

Why digitalization is needed for SMEs?

Expand the market reach

Finding more consumers will always be a fundamental part of keeping your organisation running

Increase business resilience and competitiveness

Implementing digital transformation can help SMEs survive in unexpected conditions

Save export time and reduce costs

Increase the efficiency of capital owned by SMEs

Increase day-to-day business productivity

Digitalization helps business activities run more effectively

Help SMEs be prepared for today's economic challenges with digitalization

The implementation of digitalization is able to strengthen the resilience of SMEs in the midst of the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is reinforced by the government's policy on digitization for SMEs

Our solutions

What Xapiens can do for SMEs?

Hassle-free solutions

Hassle-free solutions to increase the productivity of business activities.

Efficient data reporting

More efficient data reporting activities to help you give a better decision for the business.

Time and cost efficiency

We will do all the work for you and make sure it will give impact to your business.

Boost online presence

Create ease-of-use web and mobile-based platforms to boost your online presence.

Start your digital transformation with us!