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PT Petrosea Tbk


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Client Background

PT Petrosea Tbk is an oil and gas mining company and a subsidiary of Indika Energy Group Tbk. PT Petrosea Tbk has several mining sites located outside Java. In the IT system, PT Petrosea Tbk already had an IT system supported by SAP. However, for the asset department, asset and resource management systems (such as service equipment) was still using manuals (paper-based) and were not digital. This condition was an obstacle for this company, especially in terms of service packages and working orders that were executed.

Client Problems

PT Petrosea Tbk experienced several problems/problems related to the Planner Working Order and Service Package. The planner for the Working order was not clear who was doing the work and it was not possible to track the progress. Service Packages were at great risk of being lost because they were still using a lot of papers. The Approval Process for Service Packages could take days.

Client Expectations and Needs

With all the existed IT problems, PT Petrosea Tbk wanted to be able to solve this problem by developing technology that could support Working Orders and Service Packages in the company. So that it could be integrated with the online system in the hope of reducing approval times, tracked/monitored, and stored in the system properly. Therefore PT Petrosea Tbk also asked for help and challenged Xapiens with this project, with the hope that Xapiens could provide solutions using the right technology.

Our Solutions and Implementation

Xapiens provided expert assistance to develop a management system that is integrated with the company's SAP, where Xapiens collaborated with Petrosea who knew how the company's system works. The management system developed by the Xapiens team, apart from being integrated, can also run in real-time and can be interconnected between sites in the company, thus simplifying and accelerating the company's operational activities. Our team that is involved: Project Manager Professional Business Analyst Development Team The implementation process of Integrated Management System goes through several stages: Design the solutions System development carried out in collaboration between the team from Xapiens and the team from PT. Petrosea Tbk. The process of implementing the system that had been made by Xapiens at PT. Petrosea Tbk in its asset and management department Supervision of the system used, in case of problems, complaints, or input related to the existed system.


The monitoring process can be carried out in real-time, both working orders and service packages. Employee management has also become more transparent (it can be clearly seen who is working and who is not in a team). The Service Package is digital which can be accessed with tabbed devices (paperless) and integrated with SAP (the system used by the company now). Infrastructure & Network becomes unburdened. The faster approval process, where previously the process could take 1 week can now be accelerated to 1 day.

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