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Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia's Extensive Customer Site Assessments

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia's Extensive Customer Site Assessments

In a bid to ensure the optimal functioning of critical systems and maintain a secure working environment, Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia (Xapiens), recently conducted an extensive site visit to its esteemed customers, which were located in Batu Kajang – East Kalimantan, Kariangau Balikpapan – East Kalimantan, Duri – Riau, and also Yogyakarta. The visit encompassed a thorough assessment of several services across all customer site areas.

Xapiens' team arrived at the customer's site fully equipped to conduct an extensive end-to-end evaluation. The focus areas encompassed infrastructure, network, desktop systems, and cybersecurity measures. The purpose was to thoroughly examine the technology landscape, identifying potential vulnerabilities that could compromise performance or security. By conducting this assessment, Xapiens sought to provide the customer with valuable insights and actionable recommendations for improvement, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and protection.

Xapiens acknowledged the importance of regular site visits in maintaining a secure and efficient technology infrastructure. The collaborative efforts between Xapiens and its customer ensured a seamless assessment process and a valuable exchange of expertise. Through this joint effort, a robust and secure technology environment is established, enabling the customer to thrive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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