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Xapiens Introduce Young Generations to The World of AI for Gen Z

Xapiens collaborate with Ai Center Indonesia (AiCI) held edufair titled The World of AI for Gen Z

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia, a subsidiary of the Indika Energy Group, joined forces with Ai Center Indonesia (AiCI) from FMIPA Universitas Indonesia (UI) to host an extraordinary event called "The World of AI from Gen Z" education fair. This interactive gathering took place on Saturday, July 15, 2023, with a mission to provide school-age children a remarkable opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating realm of artificial intelligence (AI).

With a strong focus on developing AI solutions for various industries in Indonesia, Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia showcased its commitment to supporting technological advancements, especially among the younger generations. By introducing AI concepts and applications to children at an early stage, Xapiens aimed to cultivate their interest and unlock their potential in this rapidly evolving field.

The collaboration with Ai Center Indonesia, based at FMIPA Universitas Indonesia (UI), added an invaluable academic and research-oriented perspective to the event. This fruitful partnership allowed Xapiens to tap into the expertise of university researchers and educators, elevating the educational experience for all attendees. The fusion of industry knowledge and academic insights resulted in a comprehensive learning environment, fostering a deeper understanding of AI among the participating students.

Djati expressed that the event was created specifically for clients of the Indika Energy Group, and he extended his gratitude to the attending families for their support and active participation.

The education fair offered an array of activities and workshops designed to captivate the young audience. The event commenced with inspiring remarks from Mr. Djati Wicaksono, Chief of Solutions at Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia, followed by an enthralling flashmob featuring robots from Ai Center Indonesia.

During the fair, the children had the unique opportunity to directly engage with AI technologies, including robotics, machine learning, and natural language processing. Divided into two age groups, the students were assigned tasks to build and operate robots to achieve specific goals. The younger age group was tasked with creating a snail robot, while the older participants worked on constructing an excavator robot.

At the culmination of the program, the children took part in a competition based on the tasks assigned to them. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they proudly showcased the robots they had built. Likewise, parents were filled with excitement witnessing the impressive results achieved by their children.

"The World of AI from Gen Z" education fair not only provided valuable insights and knowledge but also underscored the significance of collaboration between industry and academia. This event successfully introduced school-age children to the captivating world of AI and its boundless potential applications.

Xapiens' dedication to establishing robust relationships with clients within the Indika Energy Group was evident through their efforts to engage and educate young minds. By nurturing interest and understanding in AI technologies, Xapiens actively contributes to shaping the future workforce and driving technological advancements in Indonesia.

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