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Xapiens: Celebrating the Beauty of Batik on National Batik Day

As a company that always supports and promotes cultural diversity, Xapiens celebrated National Batik Day with great pride.

National Batik Day, which falls on October 2nd, is a special moment for all Indonesians. As a symbol of our cultural richness, batik not only holds a significant place in our history but also reflects the values of togetherness and pride in our Indonesian identity. This year, Xapiens’ members – X-People, celebrated National Batik Day with extraordinary enthusiasm and unity.

As a company that always supports and promotes cultural diversity, Xapiens celebrated National Batik Day with great pride. On that day, X-People proudly wore batik to the office. This was not only a sign of appreciation for Indonesian culture but also a demonstration of solidarity in commemorating this historic day.

Why Batik? Batik is Indonesia's traditional textile art recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Batik reflects the beauty of Indonesia's nature, as well as intricate stories and philosophical meanings. By wearing batik, X-People not only honor their ancestral cultural heritage but also participate in preserving and nurturing it.

The collective act of wearing batik to the office by X-People created an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm. They were eager to share stories about the motifs and patterns of their batik attire. Some even incorporated modern touches into their batik, showing that batik is not merely an ancient tradition but can also be a part of contemporary lifestyles. Xapiens also organized a special competition on Instagram to celebrate National Batik Day. These aimed to enhance appreciation for the art of batik.

Xapiens is not just a place of work but also a community that embraces and values cultural diversity. On National Batik Day, the message conveyed by X-People is that we must continue to promote and preserve Indonesia's cultural wealth. Batik is not just clothing; it is also a symbol of unity, beauty, and the nation's creativity. May the celebration of National Batik Day inspire many to love and wear batik, not only on October 2nd but every day as an expression of our love for Indonesian culture.

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