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Security Operation Center

Solutions to protect the security posture all the way

All intelligent companies should be aware of the importance of detection. Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia provides you with security experts, Security Operations Center (SOC). 

About Security Operation Center

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia protects your business by remotely monitoring and managing IT security features through Indonesia`s Security Operation Center (SOC), even without on-site staff

We ensure you that we're capable to follows industry-standard security guidelines, improving security regimes, and maximizing investment in security technology. Our core team is certified by CISSP, CISA, ISO 270001 LI / LA, ISO 20000 LA, and PCI QSA experts and has a broad track record as an IT Security and  Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).


Technology connects your business to a macro-scale customer audience. Protecting companies and their digital information requires a lot of know-how and investment

Remove complexity and problems through Defenxor. This service ensures the smooth running of your business and allows you to focus more on other aspects of your business.

What we offer

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia and Defenxor are collaborating to protect your business. By proving the experts in cyber security and industry-standard security policies, we are ready to be at the fore in your security posture and investment in security technology

Below are some offers in our advanced SOC services:

Security Monitoring

Twenty-four by seven security events by senior analysts at  Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia.

Incident Response and Management

We will respond promptly to mitigate or prevent the effects of data breaches and data loss.

Vulnerability Management

We actively discover weaknesses and trail their resolutions.

Mobile Apps

Visit an online analyst to monitor progress and get real-time notifications of issues.

Log Collection and Management

You can use SIEM and full-text search technology to collect, correlate, and analyze logs.

Network Data Capture and Forensic

Performs network traffic capture for threat detection and forensic purposes.

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