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Security Awareness Program

Offers you a high-end cyber security awareness training for your employee

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia provides you a Cybersecurity Awareness Training immigrated with SANS Security to strengthen the Human Risk Management (HRM) and prevent human error. 

About Security Awareness Program

Elevate your defense against cyber threats with Xapiens’ Security Awareness Training platform. We go beyond conventional training methods, providing an immersive learning experience that adapts to the evolving threat landscape.

This is the bare minimum for any excellent company to provide to every employee to fight against malicious and jeopardize intent. 

What we offer

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia has a dedicated cyber security tools and consulting team to guide and support your business progress awareness

We offer over 50 training modules on 6 tracks.

The End-user Training

SANS is a world-leading provider and has built a reputation for providing professional solutions. 

  1. Designed to Change Behavior
 SANS training helps non-technical personnel understand the appropriate response and properly identify attacks.
  2. Create An Alertness Foster
 The involvement of trained personnel is effective in defending the front lines.

  3. Achieve Fulfillment
 This is a must-have security awareness training in many industries.

  4. Flexible
 Employees have the freedom to continue earning at their desks or in their free time.

Malware Simulation Tool

The malware simulation enables you to discover where you have risks, how to respond in an appropriate way to handle malware or phishing in your company and promote the practice of safe email.

  1. Simple Target Management – Synchronize users from SANS LMS, Azure AD, or other sources o keep your target list up-to-date.

  2. Global Selected Templates – Expertly selected phishing templates written in 5 difficulty levels and 33 languages.

  3. Program Automation – Schedule campaigns for 12 months using randomized tests, automatically retarget based on past violations, and automatically assign remediation training. 

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