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Think from the Root Way Business Think About IT Resources

If you're looking for more flexibility, efficiency, and scalability around your business with just one solution, Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia has a great tool to assist. Cloud Services are suitable for modern businesses, especially around your teammate within the hybrid work. You're capable to work hassle-free nowadays because nothing can stop you!

1. Amazon Web Service

An Astonishing and Limitless Cloud Platform.

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia presents to you to complete your business component with a cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services. Serves you the world's most comprehensive cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). This platform offers moreover 200 fully-featured services in the macro scale data center. Gives you a unique ambiance, and the cloud computing platform allows you a possible office with the possibility to connect every time.

2. Google Cloud Platform

Maximize Your Infrastructure to Optimize

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia provides you the scalable infrastructure to modernize your apps and services, Google Cloud Platform. It provides you with a flexible infrastructure approach from rehosting to re-platform. With this service, you can leverage the innovation unlimited. Increase your team workflows with the scalable infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform!"

Why Xapiens now and next

1. Experienced

We have built Xapiens more than a decade of experience supporting major companies’ operations throughout Indonesia.

2. Our client’s number #1

We are always ready when you need us. from call center and service desk at any time.

3. Fast and Agile

Speed is the currency. We work fast and efficiently.

4. Solve the right problem

Solving the right problem together with the benefits of technology.

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