Digital Platform / Robotic Process Automation

Make the Future More Meaningful with the Future Technology Ahead

An astonishing automation technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) or metaphoric bots, Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia offers a Robotic Process Automation that will boost your company's productivity and improve efficiency to generate savings. Create a better user experience with this tool and en route feedback is on the go!

1. Microsoft Power Automate

Connect with apps and services with authoritative workflow automation.

As Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the new trend in business, Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia provides you the PowerAutomate that enables businesses and enterprises to implement automated workflows. You can save more time on decision-making, expand your employee satisfaction, avoid human errors, and various kinds of advantages are en route to you. RPA is a clever solution just for your fast-paced company!

2. UIPath

End-to-end automation that you can credence.

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia provides you with an automation platform, UiPath that serves everything you need to resolve a bunch of tasks or for businesses, it's all integrated into one platform. It is one of the ways from Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia to support you so you can discover one of the best automation opportunities to measure Return On Investment (ROI). With an excellent result, explore more of the advantages that you'll get once you apply this platform to your business.

Why Xapiens now and next

1. Experienced

We have built Xapiens more than a decade of experience supporting major companies’ operations throughout Indonesia.

2. Our client’s number #1

We are always ready when you need us. from call center and service desk at any time.

3. Fast and Agile

Speed is the currency. We work fast and efficiently.

4. Solve the right problem

Solving the right problem together with the benefits of technology.

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