Responsive Apps for Admission and Operational Process of Covid-19 Lab Test Laboratory




High Throughput Covid-19 Laboratory


Business Application


Client Background

The client is a high throughput Covid-19 laboratory in Indonesia which provides Fast, professional, international-standard PCR swab testing with a capacity of 5000 tests per day.

Client Problems

To support the government and society's response to COVID-19 through fast and accurate PCR testing, The client need a platform that can be a place for registration and administration of laboratory tests from various customer segments (retail, corporate, and hospitals).

Client Expectations and Needs

Xapiens is expected to support the construction of the covid-19 laboratory by providing a responsive website-based system that has functions including registration, monitoring, and delivery of test results to users (who are tested).

Our Solutions and Implementation

A web-based system that can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere with any device. There are 2 types of responsive websites offered, the first is used for users (who want to test) to register and book the test date, the second website is used for workers in the laboratory to monitor the process and test results from the user (the person being tested). The method used in this project is Agile Scrum for software development. Our team that is involved: 1. Scrum Master 2. Product Owner 3. Development Team


All activities, from registration to giving test results are all done digitally and paperless. This causes each process to be more effective and efficient. The website is also user-friendly and can be accessed from any device.

Products and Services

Website Development

Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia conveys custom web improvement stages helping our clients in using limits, for instance, computerization, scaled-down personalization, steady fuses, and the ability to transform into the best brand specialist that drives your clients to your definitive targets.

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