IT Surveillance System Integration using Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI)




National Defense Company


Artificial Intelligence


Client Background

The client is one of the companies engaged in the defense sector where the client needs a better and integrated IT system for their internal business needs.

Client Problems

The client had a plan to improve the existed management system using Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. which can help the client's daily activities. The client wanted a Smart AI system. which can make the system integrated with each other, from servers, access control, surveillance systems, to fire alarms and evacuations. With this need, the client finally asked Xapiens for help to build a smart AI system.

Client Expectations and Needs

With the need to be able to upgrade their system to Smart AI, the client finally asked for help and challenged Xapiens for this project, with the hope that Xapiens would provide and implement technology solutions that suit the client's needs.

Our Solutions and Implementation

Xapiens helped the clients by offering clients the same 2 things based on high technology: Building applications in the form of management systems, online visits (for guests/visitors) and RFID. Build and deliver integrated systems such as CCTV-access control integration and smart alarm-evacuation integration Our team that is involved: 1. Project Manager 2. Professional Business Analyst 3. Development Team The implementation process: Design the solutions System development carried out in collaboration between the team from Xapiens and the client. The process of implementing the system that had been created by Xapiens. Supervision of the system used, in case of problems, complaints, or input related to the existing system.


Successfully created a surveillance system which not only uses Smart A.I. but also in 1 control so as to simplify and streamline the control process in the company. Application management system in the company that is integrated with all existing IT system devices.

Products and Services

AI Surveillance System

AI Surveillance Analytics is a compatible tool with your business to secure the data from various high-impact events and loss prevention and enable you to search for a specific action faster than the human operator.

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