Cyber Security Engineer

Key Responsibilities

- Regularly assess the IT landscape for vulnerabilities
- Formulate security processes and protocols
- Identify, analyze and select best-in-class threat prevention software
- Develop, improve and implement better security mechanisms
- Ensure we meet compliance requirements related to security testing
- Proactively identify and reduce security risks
- Investigate attacks to find the root cause
- Generate regular security reports and assist in audit activities
- Perform penetration test for mobile applications, API applications, web applications, network, endpoints and cloud infrastructure in project based and manage service based
- Triage vulnerabilities findings to product owner or engineers, and help them understand the vulnerabilities
- Be a security subject matter expert and answer security questions from product engineers
- Improve security testing process to be more effective and efficient


- have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
- have 2 - 4 years of relevant IT experience, with a minimum of 1-year hands-on as a penetration tester or application security engineer
- familiar with common security controls and security flaws for modern mobile applications, web applications, APIs and cloud infrastructure
- understand the OWASP testing methodology and have knowledge of penetration testing tools
- think like an attacker but humble enough to help developers understand about risk and mitigation control of a vulnerability
- Offensive Security certification is an advantage, such as CEH Practical or OSCP/OSCE certified
- Have passion and curiosity to explore new techniques and attack vectors
- A self-motivated learner that continuously wants to share knowledge to improve others
- familiar with common security controls and security standard, such as NIST
- Understanding of enterprise application system, operating systems (OS) a network system


Compensation: Competitive salaries, Bonuses
Family benefits: Paid maternity/paternity leave,
Lifestyle: Casual dress code, Company outings, Hybrid,
Progression: Professional development
Welfare: Dental insurance, Health insurance.