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Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia is your one-stop solution for all your cyber security needs.

About Cyber Security

Are you looking to bolster your organization's defenses against cyber threats? Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia is your one-stop solution for all your cyber security needs.

As a leading cyber security consultant in Indonesia, we offer a comprehensive range of services to protect your business from potential cyber attacks. Our services include Penetration Test & VA, Security Awareness Program, SANS Learning Program, Security Operation Center, Tabletop Simulation, Ransomware Simulation, and expert consultation with cyber security assessment.

What we offer

At Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia, we prioritize your business's security and confidentiality. Our team of seasoned experts is well-versed in the latest cyber security trends and technologies, ensuring your organization stays ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threats.

As a trusted cyber security consultant in Indonesia, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Enterprise Security

Red Team

Blue Team

Cyber Security Training

Penetration Test

Vulnerability Assesment (VA)

Security Awareness Program

Security Operation Center 

Tabletop Simulation

Ransomware Simulation 


IAM Identity Access Management

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Cyber Security

Eliminate Threats, Increase the Security of Your Digital Transformation

About Xapiens Cyber Security

Providing cybersecurity protection for the sake of your business digital transformation

As more companies undertaking digitalization, the exposure and risk to the cyber world are increasing. It is with this conviction Xapiens embarks on the new capability to provide its client with cyber security protection for their digital transformation.

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We have built Xapiens more than a decade of experience supporting major companies’ operations throughout Indonesia.

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