Cyber Security / Blue Team

The Core Security Services for Your Everyday Operations

Gives your company excellent digital protection with cyber security Blue Team by Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia. We ensure and are capable of defending your business from any malicious attacks and safeguarding from potential dangers and risks.
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1.Security Operations Center (SOC)

Solutions to Protect the Security Posture All the Way

All intelligent companies should be aware of the importance of detection. Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia provides you with security experts, Security Operations Center (SOC). Partnered with Securxcess, We ensure you that we're capable to follows industry-standard security guidelines, improving security regimes, and maximizing investment in security technology. Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia and Defenxor collaborating to protect your business. By proving the experts in cyber security and industry-standard security policies, we are ready to be at the fore in your security posture and investment in security technology.

2. Threat Intelligence Tool

Discover the Risk to Increase Your Security

Partnered with Securxcess, Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia proudly offers the threat intelligence tools, an excellent tool to provide security teams. Threat intelligence tool helps to collect and analyze threat intelligence from multiple eternal sources to protect your business and your organization. Here's how you prepare for the future.

What we offer

With cyber threat intelligence, we provide extraordinary visibility into threats in order to increase threats and attacks.
ThreatFusion provides a big-data powered threat investigation module to help Threat Intelligence Teams searching for deeper context, real-time threat research and analysis. The suite is fed by massive data sources across surface, deep and dark web from Paste Sites to Underground Dark Web forums. The module also includes API-ready intelligence feeds pulled from a broad variety of sources to provide IOCs of potential threats and threat actors targeting your industry.

3. IT Security Hardening

Your Key to Securing the IT System

Enhancement aimed at mitigating security risks with IT Security Hardening by Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia. Eliminate the vector of potential attackers in real-time solutions. Gives attackers and malware small occasion to gain a foothold in the IT ecosystem through IT Security Hardening. Examining, identifying, and controlling potential security weaknesses are services that we gladly offer.

4. Digital / Computer Forensic

Assist you from any attackers motive

Resolve any civil court and criminal case with Digital Forensics by Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia. We guarantee each finding is allowable in court. Digital Forensics allows you to be directly assisted by the professional and talented staff to analyze, report, and implement evidence of highly computerized cases. We'll help you to avoid dangers associated with improper information gathering.

Why Xapiens now and next

1. Experienced

We have built Xapiens more than a decade of experience supporting major companies’ operations throughout Indonesia.

2. Our client’s number #1

We are always ready when you need us. from call center and service desk at any time.

3. Fast and Agile

Speed is the currency. We work fast and efficiently.

4. Solve the right problem

Solving the right problem together with the benefits of technology.

Other Cyber Security Services

Red Team

Conducting simulated attacks to assess an organization's security posture.

Cyber Security Training

Combining the perspectives of red and blue teams to enhance an organization's security posture.

Enterprise Security

IP-guard Data Loss Prevention (DLP) as a comprehensive solution for enterprise security.

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